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Aims & Objectives of the tttha

Tamil Nadu is well bestowed with diverse forms of tourism.It has high range of mountains, cerulean lakes, silver falls, verdant vegetation, pristine beaches, massive monuments, timeless temples, fabulous wildlife, exquisite UNESCO recognized monuments and reverberating urban and rural life. It has picturesque spots, continuing heritage, cultural confluence and aesthetic magnificence. The tangible and intangible heritage of the Tamil region continues to blend the old-world charm with the lifestyle of today.

With well-connected roads and four international Airports, Tourism like never before has enhanced our economy. Tourism with its money multiplier effect has also enhanced our living standards. And in the long run this has to be in an environment friendly, culturally sustainable and socially inclusive manner. The health of the tourism industry is reflected in the Tourist arrivals and duration of stay Over the past four years Tamil Nadu has emerged as a leader in both domestic and foreign tourist arrivals. This had been achieved due to effective promotion and marketing campaigns made by the State Government along with the various stakeholders in the Travel Trade and Hospitality businesses of Tamil Nadu.

To consolidate the achievements so far and to bring about sustainable tourism, the need of the hour is for us in the tourism fraternity to unite under an umbrella organization that helps create better interaction and ensure that we reach greater heights in the days to come. With this objective in mind, some of us from diverse sectors of travel, tourism and hospitality came together and formed the “Tamil Nadu Tour Travel and Hospitality Association” (tttha), a registered society. tttha hopes to act as a substantial link between the stakeholders and the tourism departments (both at the state and at the centre).

Some important objectives of tttha are :

  • To address the recovery of outstanding amounts to the association members such as those payable to Tour operators, travel agents, hoteliers etc.
  • To liaise with the Government and represent stakeholders’ interests and maintain strong industry representation in all relevant forums;
  • To enhance the commercial viability of its members by providing marketing support, to coordinate trade shows, conferences and industry function including awards for excellence;
  • Organize tourism seminars, road shows, workshops, tourism marts with Dept of Tourism, Tamil Nadu, other States and other countries, where tttha members can showcase their products;
  • Highlight and showcase cultural aspects of the society thereby enhancing business opportunities to the destination. This would also help update members on latest tourism products, latest technological advancements, inventions and innovations;
  • Conduct of foreign language training courses and such other capacity building events for tourist guides and other members;
  • To organize members FAM trips to destinations in India and abroad;
  • Create tttha district level committees with Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer (so as to have minimum of 10 members in each District) in all the Districts of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

These are some of the objects and activities intended so as to encourage, promote and popularize tttha globally.


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