Wildlife - Tamilnadu



Tamil Nadu’s finest national parks await to offer you the truly unique experiences with their glistening beauty and the law of probability may fetch you the wonderful sight of the wilds in their dense habitats. Bird watching is yet another fascinating experience listening to the truly distinct musical chirps of the tiny creatures and you can admire the combo of colors when they fly with their silky feathers. You need to experience it to believe it. Though the sanctuaries are the most sought after destinations for the travelers, the mystic nature has many more secrets to be explored and amazed at!Here is the summary of the sanctuaries in Tamil Nadu

The list of Wildlife in Tamil Nadu are as follows :

S.NoCategoryTotal Nos
1Wildlife Sanctuaries15
2Bird Sanctuaries15
3National Parks05
4Conservation Reserve02
5Biosphere Reserves03
6Elephant Reserves04
7Tiger Reserves04
8Mongroves & Coral Reefs03



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