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  • 13th & 16th of January 2019PONGAL
  • January 21st, 2019THAI POOSAM
  • January 2019KARTHIGAI DEEPAM
  • 15th January 2019JALLIKATTU


Pongal Festival

Pongal, the festival of Tamil Nadu is the cultural icon of the state. The farmers are the epicenters of this festival who pay their tributes to the Sun God for the abundant yield in the season. Since the ancient times, Pongal festival has been celebrated with great enthusiasm. At least a fortnight before the festival, people are getting ready for the celebrations decorating their houses and buffalos as well. Pongal is a phenomenal festival lasting for four days. The first day is called as Bhogi which, as per the Hindu legends, discarding the old and welcoming the new. This symbolizes the concept of accepting the changes in life for a flourishing future ahead. The second day is the main Pongal festival and on this day special poojas and rituals are carried out to worship the Sun God who is the essential component in farming and irrigation. Delicious dishes are exchanged between families and friends with love and affection. The third day is the iconic day of Tamil Nadu when the prestigious “Jallikattu” is celebrated. Bulls are decorated and worshipped for having stood with the farmers throughout the season. The final day is celebrated as Kaanum Pongal, when people meet at the banks of the waterbodies and enjoy the time with cultural programmes and delicious feast.

The forthcoming Pongal festival is celebrated between 13th and 16th of January 2019.

Thai Poosam

Thai Poosam, One of the most popular festivals celebrated by the Tamil people in Tamil Nadu as well as in other countries like Malaysia, Singapore and USA by the diasporic population of Tamil Nadu. The epicenter of this festival in Tamil Nadu is the hill temple in Palani located in the southern part of the state. The presiding deity Lord Muruga is worshipped by lakhs of devotees on this day with lances piercing their skins, bedecked wooden Kaavadis on their shoulders and most of them lost in the trance state dancing to the musical beats around and the songs in praise of Lord Muruga. An entirely different event portraying the culture and heritage of the Tamil people who adore Him as one of the members in their families.

Thai Poosam is celebrated on January 21st, 2019.

Karthigai Deepam

The tenth day of the Karthigai Brahmothsavam celebrations is called as the Maha Karthigai Deepam and this year it falls on 23rd November 2018. Though the festival is celebrated across the state, the sacred center Tiruvannamalai deserves a special mention here. On the day of the Karthigai Deepam, exactly at 6pm, the Maha Deepam is lit on the top of the Thiruvannamalai Hill with three tons of ghee in a huge cauldron and the luminescence is visible from around several kilometer radii. Circumambulation around the hill by the presiding deity Periyanayagar taken on a procession declares the conclusion of the ten days festival. The same is the case for all the other temples celebrating Karthigai deepam. Witnessing the Maha Deepam and participating in the procession covering the fourteen kilometers’ distance is believed to be very sacred. The temples will be kept open all through the day and all the houses will be glittering with the decorative lights arranged in a very aesthetic manner.

This year Karthigai Deepam falls on 23rd November 2018.


Jallikattu is the typical Tamil festival, this fete falls on the third day of Pongal (January). During this day the cows, bulls and buffalos are given a complete wash, beautified with garlands, and are worshipped in the morning, the most welcoming event of this day is bull race in the late afternoons don’t ever miss a chance to enjoy this nail biting race. One of the ancient valour sport is Jallikattu, which is known by many names such as Erthaluval, Erukol, Manjuviratu, and Madu Pidithal. Eru, Manju, Madu all these three words refer to Ox. This game is exclusively designed to exhibit the pugnacious nature of Tamil oxen and the peerless valour of Tamil men who tame it.

Agriculture is the culture of Tamilnadu. When we talk about agriculture, it’s not a one man army, it’s a crew where both animals and human work together sharing a brotherhood. One of the inseparable partners in agriculture is cattle, to be particular “the Oxen”. Taming these bulls is not an easy task, it needs skill, power and strength, and so the one who tames these bulls is considered to be the strongest person and is honoured with titles. The villages in the southern part of Tamil Nadu, most significantly Alanganallur are popular for this Jallikattu.

The next Jallikatu will be on 15th January 2019.

Annual fiesta celebrated in the 2500 years old city Madurai is the Chithirai festival or Chithirai Thiruvizha. The festival lasts for a month during April, which is probably the world’s longest festival, attracting tourists and local residents, approximately close to one million people witnessing this mega event. The first half of the April month marks the marriage between the Goddess Meenakshi and Lord Sundareswarar who are the epicentres of this festival. The second fifteen days of festival talks about the arrival of Goddess Meenakshi’s brother Lord Kallazhagar from Azhagar Koil, a region nearby Madurai, to present gifts to his sister.

The people of Taamil Nadu have devised their lifestyles closely connected to the temples and their happenings and in that way, Madurai Chithirai festival is close to the heart of the Tamil people and for the entire month, the city wears a festive look with shops, exhibitions and play areas around, crowded by the tourists and local residents.

The next Chithirai Festival is during April 2019.


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